As a Founder and Mentor with over two decades of experience in building successful companies, teams, and products, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

I spearheaded the launch of the first version of the most widely used banking software on the German market for the Mac OS platform. At Fidor Bank, I led the development of the world’s first Open Banking API.

Currently, I lead the product and software development for the Cloud Banking Platform at FinLink, Inc., where we are creating a highly customizable Digital Banking Platform that can be deployed within hours.

In my role as a Fractional CTO, I built and launched Cometum, an innovative Investment Platform for alternative assets.

I also established and managed Singapore’s first FinTech Accelerator, fostering a dynamic environment for startups to thrive.

In my spare time I enjoy writing books and blogging about stuff I’m interested in.

If you’re feeling stuck or looking to advance to the next stage in your career, I invite you to book a session with me. Let’s unlock your potential and achieve your goals together.