Product is at the center of your startup. Your product is what it’s all about. When I say product, I don’t talk about the idea. Idea on its own is worth nothing. Ideas are a dime a dozen - everyone has them but not everyone is able to bring their idea to life.

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Execution is the key - that’s what startups are all about. If you cannot execute your idea, you won’t have a company and won’t make the world, hopefully, a better place.

Your product is not the heart but a brain of your startup. Without your product your company is brain-dead. Even if it looks shiny, it’s not operational.

The art of the product development is to deliver a working solution as fast as possible by keeping an eye on the big picture. Keep in mind that during the development of your product, your idea will transform as well. Don’t be too stubborn - otherwise you may get stuck and frustrated.

Products are hard, good products are even harder. They are hard to build, hard to launch and even harder to continuously improve.

Products solve problems. Good products solve hard problems. Hard problems are not easy to solve, so good products are hard to build.

According to Marty Cagan - the founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group has the best definition of a successful product - the best products exist on the intersection of following qualities:

  • Valuable – Something that our customers will choose to use
  • Usable – Easy to figure out how to use
  • Feasible – Buildable using the technology stack and skills we have
  • Viable – Workable for our stakeholders within our budget, legal, ethical, and reputational constraints