Why do people start companies? The reasons are different. Some want to get rich and famous. Some think they can do things better than the others. Some just cannot help it not to be creative.

What all the founders have in common is the ignorance. They do not realize yet how hard their journey will get and how many obstacles they’ll have to overcome to build their dream product.

For the founders - ignorance is a bliss.

Despite the reason for building a product, it can become successful but the products themselves can be quite different - take a look and Windows and Mac OS X.

Arguably the best products are built from scratching one's own itch. If something really bothers the founders, they will do all in their hands to relieve the pain. It’s not enough to feel the pain though, you should be able to hire the team of people who are either feel the same pain or be so good at evangelizing your own pain into someone else. We will talk about hiring in a later chapter.

You can take another path and jump on the current bandwagon - be it web3, crypto, AI or anything else that is hype at the moment. Being on the bandwagon will help you to get attention and interest from VCs and investors. Most of the investors don’t look for the startups with challenging ideas but rather prefer to invest into the proven ideas that can be scaled fast.

Building a company is hard. It may be the hardest thing you will ever attempt to do but it is also the most rewarding one. If you have the guts and if you are not afraid of failure - you should definitely grab the chance and go for it.

If you are already in the process of building your company and launching your product, continue reading further. I hope this book will help you overcome some of the obstacles that get in your way.

If you hear startup and the only thing you imagine is a nice office with a lot of perks and a fancy coffee machine - you will be having a hard time building a product.