As a part of the European Union, you’re not allowed to handle in the interest of your own country and your citizens, what implies that any EU country only handles in the interest of their own and the foreign elite groups. We clearly see right now, which countries are independent and which ones are taken hostage by the elite driven governments.


Together with losing its economic power Germany will lose its political power in Europe. Therefore it won’t be able to push the laws and decisions that favour German economy through the European Parliament that will only worsen its geopolitical place both in Europe and the world.
It’s absolutely obvious right now, that German government doesn’t follow its own interest. Its economic and political suicide cannot be underrated. The worsening of the economic situation in Germany will lead to the fall down of the European Union.

What makes the matters even worse is the division in the German society. Since the German reunification in 1990 Eastern Germans have been seen and handled as the people of the second sort. It’s been seen and felt everywhere. On top of that the Germans from the East understood that the life in the West is not as good or free as they have imagined. Weirdly enough it’s even more oppressive and dictatorial than the former GDR.

What you have to consider as well is that people from East Germany are the descendants of the old Slavic tribes, that makes them more free minded than the Germans from the West or North. These were the first people to go on the streets and protest whenever there were problems caused by the uncontrolled immigration or riots against vaccinations. Although the liberal media is trying to blame far-right movement for these protest, they don’t have anything to do with the neo-nazis. People from East Germany haven’t been brainwashed as much as their western counterparts and are still the ones who are able to think critically. They also feel that they’re not represented in the Government and long for being able to make their own decisions.

With all that said, we can expect the rise of the East Germany and their exit out of the Federal Republic of Germany but only if Great Britain will succeed in its imperialist endeavour. This change is impossible without Russian agreement. On one hand Russian Federation needs a strong Germany, on the other hand if it can help breaking it apart it can get the loyal East Germany with all its industry and a smaller dependent Federal Republic potentially without Bavaria in the South and Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein in the North.

Bavaria has been considered itself a powerhouse of Germany and wanted to become independent for quite some time already. It may decide to join the newly created House of Habsburg that can also takes parts of Northern Italy and Czech Republic - see image below.


What will happen to Italy if the European Union will start falling apart. Italy is even more fragmented than Germany. On top of that the former elites have been put out of power for too long but they are still very strong and own most of the tangible assets in the country.

Once the big cake of Europe will start getting cut in pieces again, they will take a chance to get their part and come back to the top.

Additionally to being a divided country Italy is neither an economic nor a military or a political power, what will play with it a cruel joke. It may sound funny but the only power that can try to hold the country together is the Italian mafia. They won’t like to lose the income from the territories that will get under control of third countries but they won’t have enough resources to withstand the pressure of the Austro-Hungarian union or France.

Due to the geographical shape of the country and its history, we can assume that the northern part of Italy will join the Austro-Hungarians. France probably won’t have enough political will to try to annex the Italian territories close to the French border.

Although we were talking about Italian mafia as a power that will try to hold the country together, they may make a contrary decision and proclaim the Independent Republic of Naples.


France as the only nuclear power in mainland Europe that also has a good and functioning army is doomed to stay independent but with failed Germany and growing British influence it will gradually lose its economic and political power. Due to these factors France will try to regain the power in its former colonies or even get influential in other parts of the world.

But what with the France’s influence in Europe. If it had strong politicians the could try to take over french speaking part of Belgium and negotiate the annexation of the Italian territories close to the french border.

On the other hand France may get problems with Pays basque that may try to proclaim independence from France and maybe build one state together with Hegoalde - the Spanish Basque Country.

US will use France to control British influence in Europe. France will be torn between failed Germany and Spain that is controlled by GB. US may decide to give back to support France’s independence to better control Great Britain’s gaining power in Europe.


Spain and Portugal will fall under the governance of Great Britain. Neither of two countries can stay independent. Without the economic support of Germany and military support of France, they will stand no chance to stay independent. They will need allies and the only ally that is interested in getting them under its protectorate is Great Britain.

The deal between Great Britain and Iberian Peninsula will be arranged as a economic, political and military union between the countries.