That’s the second part of the World Order series. It’s an attempt to analyze the current geopolitical situation and to draw some conclusions based on the open facts.

Russia is making slow progress with the special military operation in Ukraine. Nevertheless it’s taking over new new cities and villages every day. The territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic is completely Russian now, whereas some parts of the Donetsk People’s Republic are still occupied by the Kiev regime.

It’s very important to mention that all former Ukrainian territories have been under artillery and rocket fire after they were lost to Russia. Ukraine is shooting at its own civilians by attacking peaceful cities that don’t even have Russian army stationed in them. The western media either ignores the facts of attacks on civilians by Ukraine or blames these attacks on Russian army, which is blatantly stupid but is still being consumed by the brainwashed European audience.


Let’s take a step back and see who are the main active players in this geopolitical game of chess. You may think there are many of them but in reality there are only a few.

United States

US are an active player in the Game of Ukraine and despite all the internal problems is doing pretty well, taking into consideration that their goal is to weaken both Russian and Europe

Great Britain

The most active player in this game and has put the biggest bet on the win. Since Great Britain lost its number one position in the world to the United States, they didn’t stop crafting the plans to get back on top of the world. You may think it doesn’t sound reasonable but if you think about Great Britain you have to consider the Commonwealth states as well. Combining all the states together you have one of the biggest Empires by population and GDP.
In order to become the main force in the World, Great Britain needs to destroy the European Union. To achieve this goal Germany’s economic power has to be weakened - in the best case scenario Germany needs to cease to exist in its current borders.
GB is not stupid to fight this war by itself. They are already giving orders to the Ukrainian army and using their intelligence on the battle field. But they see that Ukraine is losing this war, so they are proposing to build a military alliance together with Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States. That could help them to deploy more people on the battlefield without dragging NATO into it. Plus it would be an alternative to the politically and economically weakened European Union. The body of the European Union has cracks all over it.
So, based on the military union that Great Britain already proposed you may see which countries Brits are interested in joining the Commonwealth but - what may happen as well is that if the Baltics will enter the conflict GB will abandon them and Poland if they see that they don’t have any chances in winning this battle. Let’s hope Poles understand it and won’t do anything really stupid.
The more important target is, wait for it, Germany. Germany is the only force that keeps European Union from falling apart. Once Germany will lose its leading role in the European Union, GB will take over Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and maybe even try to get Belgium, although France will probably be the one to get it.


Russian Federation was dragged into this war and is currently fighting for its life. Although the golden billion is looking forward to Russia losing this war, they have to fear this outcome the most. If Russian Federation will feel that it’s losing - the geopolitical games will be first played after the nuclear winter again.

European Union

EU cannot be considered an active player, since the majority of its countries are handling at the US’s behest but we can highlight a couple of countries that are trying to play its own game and may become quite successful at it in a longer run.


Poland has been dreaming of Intermarium - A great Poland that stretches from Baltic to the Black sea - since World War I. They see the current situation as the one in a lifetime opportunity to make at least some parts of this plan a reality. Even if it won’t fully work out, Poland hopes to get back the western part of Ukraine Volhynia and Eastern Galicia. It’s less likely that they will also get parts of Lithuania since Lithuania is part of the EU. Polish government is very deep in this game and it will be very hard for them to get out of that easily. They already announced that there will be no borders between Ukraine and Poland and they have already signed an agreement with Kiev regime that endows Polish citizen with the same rights as the Ukrainian ones in Ukraine not the other way around though - so, it’s quite obvious who’s the boss in this union. Poland deployed one of the largest mercenaries squad in Ukraine and has been training Ukrainian military forces including Nazi battalions on the premises of European Security Academy near Wroclaw.

Poland is already in the open confrontation with Germany over the delivery of the weapons in exchange to the ones that Poland has sent to Ukraine. Polish government also started the talks about the reparation that Germany still has to pay to Poland after the World War II. Poland’s longing to annex its former territories from Ukraine explains its very active position during the Russian special operation. They maye have already deployed some ground forces in the western part of Ukraine. They would like to annex the territories by carrying out out a referendum or by waiting until most parts of former Ukraine will be taken by the Russian military to start the negotiations over two western Ukrainian regions.

The best case scenario for Poland is the annexation of the western part of Ukraine. The worst case scenario though is - losing its independence or maybe even some of its territories to Russian Federation.


Funny enough, Hungary is the only country in European Union that didn’t succumb to Liberal Fascism and unbridled Russophobia. Hungary is on one of the few countries that doesn’t sent any weapons to Ukraine and also doesn’t allow the transport of the ammunition or weapons through its territory.

It doesn’t mean that Viktor Orbán likes Russia, not at all, it only means that he is handling in the interest of its homeland. Most Hungarians don’t really favour LGBTQ+ or believe in 156 different genders. They also think that it makes sense to get gas and oil from the country that offers it at the best price possible.

As you may have heard Hungary already announced that it’s ready to protect its own people. Taking into account what has been said before about Ukraine bombing its own people, Hungary will be ready to protect Zakarpattia Oblast. Ukraine has the largest Hungarian diaspora outside Hungary which has over 3 million people. Most of them already received Hungarian passports and thus considered Hungarian citizens. We can expect Hungary seizing the opportunity and annexing Zakarpattia, where most of the population consider themselves Hungarians.

European Union is not happy with Hungary being the outlier and not obeying to the rules of the liberal fascism, so they’ve been attacking Hungarian for quite some time already. With the current situation, the attacks will only intensify but once Germany will get weak enough, Hungary will get out of the European Union and take its own route. Since Hungary is relatively small it will probably try to revive the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Austria as a neutral country also didn’t send any weapons to Ukraine what can have its benefits for the country in the near future although some of the government representatives are handling in the favour of the US which can potentially have bad implications for the country. If the Austrian government will make right choices and will take care of their own business they may have success with becoming one of the powerhouses of Europe again.

In case Hungary will drive the revival of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, they may get back parts of the north Italy, Croatia and even some Southern parts of Germany.