Since February the 24th the whole world seems not to be the same anymore.

But that’s only the case for the majority of the people, who were taught to believe the story, that’s been told by the media, politicians and the entertainment industry for the past 100 years.

The reality is different and what’s coming next will surprise you.

Whoever has been selling to you the idea that capitalism has won, is either a dumb ass or doesn’t understand the economy and geopolitics.

At its core capitalism is an expansive economy that constantly needs new markets. Looking back at the history, we see that the world was already fully explored in the beginning of the 20th century. Back then we didn’t have good enough means of transportation to use the new markets. Most of the production was still happening and Europe and United States and the trade wasn’t fully global yet. So, the markets were full - capitalism was stuck.

In order, to get it going again, either new markets had to be created or the old ones had to be destroyed. That’s how the World War I has happened.

After 4 years of brutal slaughter some markets were free again and the capitalism could continue working. On 11 November 1918, an armistice came into effect ending the war in Western Europe – but this did not mean the return of peace. The Treaty of Versailles wasn’t ratified by US and some other nations and was renegotiated multiple times afterwards - see Locarno Treaties, Dawes Plan, Young Plan and Lausanne Conference of 1932.

For many, the end of World War I was only seen as an armistice.
The war will continue only 7 years after the Lusanne Conference.

The World War II was the most brutal war in the history of humanity so far. But even its consequences were only good for keeping the capitalism alive for around 15 years.

Since the most powerful countries already had nuclear weapons in its arsenal, a new World War wasn’t possible, so the speed of capitalism had to be slowed down at all costs. Thus already in 1960s you start to see first ecologists getting loud here and there. What they would like to achieve is the stop of progress. Most of their rhetoric is not based on facts - you can see it as a new church, where a human being has to be equal to an ant.

The ecologists were quite successful in their work. If you’re old enough and remember the Sci-Fi from 60s and 70s, that was inspired by the scientific and industrial progress, you seen that almost none of the ideas has been achieved. Even more so, we’ve rather seen a complete stop of the progress in some of areas. Do you remember Concorde airplane and Shuttle program?

Since the global war wasn’t possible anymore, we started to see a lot of different local conflicts all around the world:

  • Vietnam
  • Afghanistan
  • Lebanon
  • Korea
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Yugoslavia

Parallel to that US continue to support Coup D’Etats all around the world to promote the regime change and install the government that will run the country in favor of United States.

All of the efforts weren’t enough and at the end of the 20th century, we were on the brink of the next big crisis or a war but then a miracle has happened - the fall of the Soviet Union. It can be seen as a Coup D’Etat as well but the one that took a longer time to prepare.

So, after the fall of the Soviet Union, Capitalism got a change to rob the biggest country in the world. The feast went on for more than a decade. It was on of the craziest robberies of all time. More than 60% of the population of the Russian Federation went bankrupt. Industry, education, army have been eradicated almost completely.

After the Russian Federation started to get its independence back, the West started to realize that the next crisis is around the corner.

Global Financial Crisis has happened. It was only the first sign of the upcoming, even bigger crisis. In order to push it back, capitalism needs cheap labor and resources. There’s only one independent country in the world that has all the resources capitalism needs to prolong its agony - Russia.

Since the project Anti-Russia has been in the works for the past 30 years, it was about time to start arming its region in order to get Russia down to its knees and install the puppet government that will be ready to break down the Russian Federation into smaller states that will be easy to control.

Inspired by the success they had in Ukraine, the united west hoped to reach fast results in Russian Federation. As they saw their plan failing, the decision was made to start the war on Russian to weaken and force it to obey the current world order.